Solution Framework: Asset Sharing

What is Asset Sharing?

Unused value refers to the time over which products, services and talents lay idle. With fair incentive schemes, these assets can be shared within a community increasing their utilization, and thus reducing wastage.

What is the Asset Sharing solution framework?

The Asset Sharing solution framework enables the easy creation of two sided marketplace where unused assets can be shared among a community.

An underlying token economic model incentivizes sharing, rewards positive behavior and penalizes.Solution developer can create a sharing economy for any asset by registering assets, specifying community members and configuring the incentive mechanisms from the solution framework.

Why Nash

The Nash Asset Module provides an asset classification framework which may be configured to represen

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The Nash State Machine can be used to configure who controls which aspect of the asset e.g. the loca

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The Nash Token Module allows the creation of custom tokens (crypto-currencies) which can be used wit

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Nash Analytics Module supports tracking of the Asset Sharing economy at multiple levels of resolutio

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The Nash Application Library exposes the functionality of the asset sharing solution framework using

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Solutions Enabled by the Asset Sharing Framework

Sharing EV Chargers

By configuring each Electric Vehicle charger as an asset in the Asset Sharing Framework, Nash enables a sharing economy among EV owners. The token economic model allows EV manufacturers, property managers and regulator to play an active role in shaping the emerging charging infrastructure...

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Sharing Talent

By configuring the calendar of specialists & consultants as an asset, Nash provides a platform to transition the Gig Economy to the blockchain ecosystem. The economic model allows interesting financial models to emerge: from performance linked payment to insurance for the Gig-Economy workforce.

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Sharing Digital Real Estate

By configuring digital real estate, Nash enables the creation of a high resolution marketplace where display time can be traded at the second-level resolution in an automated, secured way. The framework allows economic models from online advertising world to be disintermediated & also used in the physical advertising world.

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