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The Nash platform provides solution frameworks which can be customized to create a wide variety of real world solutions. Nash’s built-in solution frameworks are rooted in literature from game theory, economics & computer science. This ensures that solutions created using Nash incorporate subtle yet critical design patterns.

By hiding the underlying subtleties of economics & distributed state machines, Nash enables solution designers & application developers to focus on solving the business problem and build better solutions, faster.

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Nash: Under the hood

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Asset State Machine

Nash provides a configurable state machine for assets. Built-in features include role based access control, incentivized action triggers & smart contract controlled state transitions.

Incentive Mechanisms

Nash provides a library of incentive mechanisms which enable token based economics to be embedded in blockchain applications. These incentive mechanisms can control asset access, ownership and promote honest behavior.

Built-in Analytics

Nash contains built in data pipeline & machine learning algorithms to analyze blockchain enabled interactions. Nash also contains an agent based simulator which allows analysis of economic solutions before deploying to the real world.

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Solution Frameworks

Asset Sharing

The Asset Sharing solution framework simplifies the ‘Uber-ization’ of any asset. This enables enterprises & individuals to maximize the utility of their assets.

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Sharing EV Chargers

Enabling the creation of an economic layer for EV charging.

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marketsN is a Blockchain & AI based, cloud hosted solution for organizations to integrate their business networks. marketsN incentivizes adoption by every organization in an economic network so as to reduce transaction costs & improve market efficiencies.

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AI Marketplace

An analytics solution where algorithms are rewarded based on their performance.

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Community Consensus

The Community Consensus solution framework uses an economic paradigm of tokens & incentive mechanisms to coordinate their actions and achieve optimal outcomes.

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Crypto Swaraj

A solution for participative democracy.

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Meet The Team

Prof. Boi Faltings

Founder & Director, AI Lab, EPFL, Switzerland

Prof. Y. Narahari

Chair, Division of Electrical Sciences, IISc, India

Mr. Rajesh Rathi

President, Control Infotech, EC Member, IACC

Mr. DK Mittal

Ex Finance Secretary, Govt. of India

Meet The Team




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